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Welcome to Wea Ridge Middle School

Wea Ridge Middle School opened its doors to students in August 2003. Wea Ridge Middle is located at 4410 South 150 East, Lafayette, Indiana. The school houses students in grades 6, 7, and 8. The middle school enrollment, which is approximately 650 students, encompasses all of Wea Ridge Elementary School, all of Woodland Elementary School, and a small portion of Mayflower Mill Elementary School. WRM and its dedicated staff, set high expectations for all students as we prepare them for high school and beyond. Our diverse student body is provided a quality education through a variety of experiences inside the classroom and opportunities to explore their interests beyond the classroom walls. An emphasis on 21st century skills is enhanced through our 1:1 technology environment. The educational environment is enriched through our use of positive behavior support systems. Our students and staff strive to "Treat People Right and Do The Right Thing" each and every day.

Educational Programs

At Wea Ridge Middle School, courses for grades 6, 7, and 8 are offered in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Art, Music, Band, Choir, Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, and Physical Education. Additional course offers include enhancement opportunities both during and after school the school day. Special Education services are also available for those identified students, including a low incidence program and a self-contained emotionally disabled program.

Instructional Support

The faculty at Wea Ridge Middle School uses a wide variety of strategies to attempt to meet the needs of each student. Current practices are as follows:

  • Co – taught/inclusion classes at all three grade levels
  • Adjusting the difficulty of assignments according to student abilities
  • Use of manipulatives in Math classrooms
  • Use of role – playing (reading plays and/or narratives)
  • Modified seating arrangements in the classroom
  • Teachers providing outlines and class notes for students as needed
  • Use of Instructional Improvement Block (IIB) period to discuss individual students' needs
  • Student/teacher conferences
  • Parental contact via notes, email, phone calls, parent/teacher conferences
  • Teacher teams develop review materials to prepare for ISTEP. These are administered during Homeroom during the weeks prior to the testing window.
  • A vocabulary "word of the week" is placed on the student announcements each morning.
  • Husky Homework Help program providing tutoring and homework assistance every day after school

The staff at Wea Ridge Middle School clearly views the teaming approach to teaching in middle school as beneficial to instruction via collaboration and interdisciplinary units. Some of the ways our staff supports instruction via interdisciplinary teaming are:

  • Sharing skills and ideas to create better units across the curriculum
  • Grade – level teams of teachers as well as content area teachers across grade levels have aligned curriculum to maximize student learning time and minimize unnecessary repetition.
  • Grade – level teams of teachers have collaborated to analyze standardized testing data and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Parental Participation

Wea Ridge Middle School encourages parental participation in a variety of activities and capacities. The Husky Parent Association works to support the students and staff of Wea Ridge Middle. Opportunities are available for parents to participate in their student's school for athletic, academic, and club activities. Parents also volunteer time to provide clerical, instructional, and supervisory support to school staff as needed and requested.

Additionally, teachers involve parents at Wea Ridge Middle School in the following ways:

  • Parent/teacher conferences are held in September, November, and February.
  • Access to current grades through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  • Canvas calendar access to notify parents of daily classroom activities and assignments.
  • Academic grade checks are completed every two weeks during a season for athletic participants as well as club members
  • Parents volunteer to help set up for school events such as book fairs, school registration, fundraiser items and prizes distribution
  • Parents chaperone school trips and contests.

Safe and Disciplined Learning Environment

At Wea Ridge Middle School, administrators, teachers, and staff work together to make the school run safely and effectively. School administrators provide meetings, handbooks, and newsletters to inform parents and students of school policies and programs. A progressive discipline system is in place that encourages parent contact via telephone, email, or a personal conference each time a formal discipline step is taken by a teacher and/or administrator. Students are reprimanded through various measures such as noon hour detentions, before and/or after school detentions, in school suspensions, and out of school suspensions. Alternative school settings are available through Tippecanoe School Corporation for middle school students, and these are located off of Wea Ridge Middle School grounds.

Staff members also recognize positive student accomplishments in a variety of individual, grade level, and school level fashions. Incentive field trips and activities are held throughout the school year for students attaining specified criteria in their academic classes as well as behavior.

Wea Ridge Middle School actively participates in Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions (PBIS) efforts. These activities place a focus on the school's two main expectations: "Treat People Right" and "Do the Right Thing".

Wea Ridge Middle School has surveillance cameras that monitor our exterior doors, parking lots, and specific areas within the school. Throughout the school day, all exterior doors are locked except the front, main entrance. The staff at Wea Ridge believes that all students deserve the opportunity to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Technological Support

Instructional technology in the Tippecanoe School Corporation will provide and encourage an atmosphere for life long learning. Technology strives to meet the educational goals of the corporation, supports the curriculum, and provides avenues for assessment of student progress. Technology should facilitate creativity and productivity as well as expand communication. Learning opportunities for staff and students involving technology are provided on a regular and ongoing basis. TSC maintains a standard of equal access for all and legal use of all forms of media. (Adopted by the TSC Technology Council, April 1993, revised February 1998, September 2000)

This philosophy guides the use of technology in TSC. The district provides technology access for our staff and students to make use of tool software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Front Page, and Inspiration. Graphic organizers created with Inspiration are used as a teaching tool throughout the district. In addition, Internet access is available throughout the district. For school and home instructional communication staff developed web pages are available.

Technology is used as a teaching tool in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. Drill and practice software is used to help our students practice basic skills. The software allows for customizing assignments to thematic units or a specific topic. Elementary students are using Edmark and Cornerstone titles. Middle and high school students are using Skillsbank. The high schools also utilize NOVAnet and Plato for credit recovery and remediation.

Teachers throughout the district make use of a one-computer classroom concept to use PowerPoint and Photo Story as a lecture tool, assignment board, or beginning of the teaching time engagement activity. Information literacy activities involving Internet research and use are coordinated with the library media specialists.

Internet activities range from scavenger hunts on selected sites, staff and student developed WebQuests, and use as a research tool. TSC library media specialists work with classroom teachers to help develop information evaluation activities and skills.

Professional Development Support

To reach our goals of improving our Language Arts and Mathematics ISTPE scores, Wea Ridge Middle School teachers will have the opportunity to incorporate the following professional development activities into their daily schedules:

  • All teachers will be enrolled as members of the Indiana Middle Level Education Association (IMLEA) on an annual basis. Additionally, all teachers will be enrolled as members of the National Middle School Association (NMSA) on an annual basis. Each of these organizations publishes professional journals at various points in the school year, and these are distributed to the teacher teams and the media center.
  • At Wea Ridge Middle School, grade level and content area teams are allotted time to meet periodically during IIB. Teams use daily agendas, minutes, and administration observation and input to focus and direct the teaming concept at our school.
  • Wea Ridge Middle School will encourage and support teachers wishing to attend professional conferences sponsored by Wabash Valley Education Center, the Indiana Department of Education, and content area professional organizations throughout the school year and during the summer months.
  • In recent years, the teaching staff has read and discussed The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni, Getting to Got It, by Betty K. Garner, Rethinking Homework, by Cathy Vatterot, as well as A Framework for Understanding Poverty, by Ruby Payne, to develop a better understanding of the team concept in addition to the lifestyles and home situations surrounding a significant portion of our student population.

Extracurricular Offerings

Wea Ridge Middle School offers extra-curricular programs currently consisting of (boys) basketball, football, wrestling, and track, as well as (girls) basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and track. Additional opportunities are available via student council, yearbook production, dance, jazz band, a student talent show, academic Speech, Spell Bowl, and Science Olympiad teams.

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