Tippecanoe School Corporation


Wea Ridge Middle School courses in mathematics encompass both the TSC Standards and Indiana State Standards.

Sixth grade mathematics courses include introduction to algebra, decimal and fraction operations (estimate, add, subtract, multiply, divide), geometric relationships and their calculations, and collecting and displaying data.

Seventh grade mathematics courses include performing operations on rational numbers (integers, fractions, decimals), percent applications, solving multi-step equations and inequalities, calculating surface area and volume, and relating ratios and proportions.

Eighth grade mathematics courses include multi-step equations and inequalities with rational numbers (integers, fractions, decimals), applying the laws of exponents, graphing and analyzing linear equations.

Additionally, an effort is made in each grade level to develop math vocabulary and Indiana’s Process Standards for Mathematics.

Each grade level offers accelerated mathematics courses for those that excel in math as shown in homework, tests, and work ethic. Each accelerated course focuses on the standards of the next grade level and has a more strenuous approach. Students who advance beyond the 8th grade level to complete Algebra I or Geometry are awarded high school credit.

We have many ways a student struggling in math could receive help. These include co-taught math classes, a learning lab class where students work at their own pace on a supplemental computer program, a math lab class that provides small group homework help and reinforcement of concepts taught in class, a homeroom with a math teacher, and after school Husky Homework Help!