Tippecanoe School Corporation

Counselor Info

The school counselor is part of the collaborative team at Wea working with parents, teachers, administrators and other key community stakeholders in order provide greatest opportunities for academic success for all students.

Counseling services provided: Small group counseling, individual counseling, career education, scheduling and class changes, classroom guidance instruction, new student enrollment.

If you are concerned about your student's academic success and suspect that they may need additional support by evaluation for either a 504 plan or IEP, please contact me so that we can discuss this process and options moving forward. 

In order to request a meeting with me, please complete this Counselor Referral Form, and I will be able to meet with the student or address the issue as soon as possible. 

Summer Mental Health Resources- this information is to make sure families know what services they can access during the summer. 

*Remote Learning Services

The Virtual Check In Form is the best and easiest way for students to send me a quick update, or summary regarding how they are doing, and what additional support they may need during this time. In addition to submitting this form, students or parents can reach me via email at any time. 

I have also created a School Counselor Canvas course that students are invited to access in order to connect with me to receive additional information that is useful during this time, or just some ways to nurture and care for our social and emotional health during this time. Be sure to go to Canvas to request a chance to join the course so that I can interact with you there! 

Additionally there is information added to the tabs below with important information about services that are provided each month. 


Monthly Events