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Purdue connections have students revved up for science
Purdue connections have students revved up for science

The Tippecanoe School Corporation enjoys a strong partnership with Purdue University that enhances learning opportunities for students. The Purdue Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society Community Outreach Team gave students at Wea Ridge Middle School a hands-on lesson in electrons. The assignment -- design an electric car.

The students were given batteries, wires, wheels and various other supplies to design their hot rods.

"I thought building my own electric motor car was interesting and fun," says eighth-grade student Jeo Garcia. "I felt successful about myself and my team today because we were able to get our ideas to work."

"Solving problems together with Purdue engineering students allowed my students the opportunity to elaborate upon and synthesize concepts about motors, electricity and the engineering design process," says engineering and technology teacher Denice Froiland. "My hope is that experiencing success with an electrical engineering project may motivate my students to pursue the field of engineering."

Students create battery-powered cars

Two students work on the wiring for the car