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Wea Ridge receives SIA grant
Wea Ridge receives SIA grant

The SIA Foundation awarded a grant to Wea Ridge Middle School during its spring grant program.

Seventh-grade students at Wea Ridge Middle School study the Eastern Hemisphere in social studies, but this isn't a part of the world many students are able to visit. Teacher Michelle Sanson received a $3,500 grant to purchase 10 iPod touches and 10 sets of virtual reality glasses that will allow them to go on virtual field trips.

"As a field trip to the Eastern Hemisphere is not possible, using virtual reality provides students with a unique firsthand experience with the region," says Sanson. "Students will watch video clips about these different places in class, but it can't compare to putting on the goggles and feeling like you are walking along the Great Wall of China or being part of a sandstorm in the Sahara Desert."