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TSC students take the Kids Heart Challenge
TSC students take the Kids Heart Challenge

Students throughout the TSC are working to improve their heart health by taking part in the Kids Heart Challenge. The American Heart Association is encouraging young people to avoid sugary drinks, exercise for 60 minutes a day and do a good deed every day.

Burnett Creek Elementary School and Woodland Elementary School Physical Education teacher Josh Frauhiger had his fourth-grade students moving from one station to another to get their heart rates up. "During the challenge we teach students how their heart works and learn jump rope skills, as well as raise money to help kids with special hearts," says Frauhiger.

At Klondike Elementary School, students participated in various jump rope and basketball activities. Teacher Narron Sloan says participating in the Kids Heart Challenge gives the students a greater awareness of what it means to be "heart healthy," being mindful of healthy eating habits and having an active lifestyle. "It's not just about heart health, but a healthy lifestyle," says Sloan. "Healthy, physically-fit students are healthier kids that typically have better attendance and perform better academically."

At Hershey Elementary School, students and staff took a month-long challenge to be physically active for 60 minutes a day, choose water over sugary drinks and do a good deed every day to promote a healthy and happy heart. "I think the most important thing is educating students at an early age on how to take care of their hearts both physically and emotionally," says Hershey Student Services Coordinator Madeline Riordan. "As we work together to have happy and healthy hearts, they will develop these great habits and hopefully continue to implement as they move throughout school."

About a dozen TSC schools are among the 800 schools in Indiana who are participating in the Kids Heart Challenge. Donations are still coming in, but as of April 2, TSC students and staff had raised nearly $20,000 for the American Heart Association.