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Wea Ridge Chromebooks and Technology
Wea Ridge Chromebooks and Technology

Wea Ridge Middle School is starting our second year of the TSC "1 to 1" initiative. All middle school students will be issued a Chromebook for their entire middle school career. Returning WRM students already have their Chromebooks, but new students will be issued Chromebooks on Thursday, August 17th. Below is important information and links concerning the care of the computers, WRM expectations for their use, and Canvas, our learning management system.

All WRM teachers will discuss the expectations of Chromebook care and use with their students throughout the school year. One of the most important things to do as a parent is to consider purchasing insurance for the Chromebook to cover damages. Accidents do happen and this insurance is a fairly inexpensive way to have damages repaired without incurring additional costs. All Chromebook repairs are done on site at WRM by our school technician. TSC has a contract with a third party vendor to provide insurance options for parents. It is recommended that the insurance covers $275 for full Chromebook replacement. More information is available on the TSC Technology Insurance webpage.

Canvas is the learning management system that teachers will use to facilitate instruction. Students will have a daily calendar with links to assignments, tests and quizzes. This is the first place to look for assignments if you are absent from school. Parents can access Canvas as well. For instructions on accessing Canvas or the Canvas app, see the Parent Resources Page on the TSC Technology website.

Student grades are accessible to parents in real-time on PowerSchool through the Parent Portal. Parents can also access the PowerSchool App for Android or iOS devices. This will allow you to receive notifications on grades and attendance. If you do not have access to internet there are some low-cost options for internet. Having internet access at home is not required but can facilitate students access to assignments and homework.

Technology provides us with some great communication tools, to keep parents up-to-date on the academics at WRM. If you have any questions concerning the technology information, please contact us. We will be happy to help you get the information you need.